KRAAK – Arvopohjaista markkinointia vastuullisille yrityksille.


A value-based marketing agency

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Kraak is a bold and modern digital marketing partner that offers solutions for individual campaigns as well as for more complicated needs such as marketing strategies, plans and branding. Our clientele consists of both large and small businesses. In addition to doing the work for you in practice, we also offer consultation and auditing.

Effective digital marketing and advertising.

Our digital marketing services include comprehensive solutions and advertising, such as Facebook, Instagram, native, and Google advertising, content production for various channels, and graphic materials for campaigns. We are a recognized Google Partner and as evidence of our expertise, Kraak holds all Google certifications.

In addition to digital marketing services, we also provide impressive graphic design services, distinctive websites and many other marketing related solutions and services.


  • Individual digital campaigns
  • Comprehensive digital marketing solutions and marketing strategies
  • Google advertising (Google Ads – search advertising, Display banner advertising, Gmail advertising, YouTube advertising)
  • Native advertising solutions
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising (both continuous and individual campaigns)
  • Content production and search engine optimization services
  • Bold and innovative Graphic design services
  • Optimized and visually beautiful WordPress websites


From us, to your advertising needs


We dare to say that marketing for a company requires more resources than any entrepreneur can spare while focusing on their main work. An outsourced marketing manager is the professional who handles the company’s marketing on behalf of the entrepreneur. And the best thing about this is that it’s not just one professional, but you get our entire marketing team to your assistance


Google Ads search advertising is one of the most effective ways to be visible online. We can also advertise your products and services through video and image ads, as well as display banners in Google’s extensive network.


Social media is an essential part of a company’s communication and marketing. It provides an opportunity to engage with customers, receive direct feedback, and learn about their preferences.


The visual identity of a company is one of the most critical factors in creating a reliable and professional image. Uniqueness and a bold style – whether it’s daringly elaborate or extremely minimalistic – will be noticed and remembered.

Creativity without strategy is art. Creativity with strategy is advertising.

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